Automatic Irrigation Flower Pot - Desktop Garden

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Product details

Technology changes life, we change the world!

It is the perfect combination of the intelligent control technology and planting techniques. 

Desktop gardening products

  • Clean, green, fashionable, convenient

  • Do not require daily watering, it will automatically irrigate

  • When it is lacking water, it will automatically remind you.


  1. Humidity display

  2. Auto watering

  3. Smart reminding for adding water

Detailed functional description

  1. System automatically starts when plug in, judge humidity and water lack any time. If lack of water or humidity below lower limit, it will start auto-watering.

  2. There are two buttons S1 and S2. S1 is the reset button. S2 is humidity display button., once pressed, the lamp indicator will light up and the screen display will assess humidity.

  3. On screen display is humidity percentage.

  4. There are two LED indicators as humidity indiciator and lack of water indiciator.

  5. When soil humidity is below its lower limit, the system will automatically pump and the screen will display its current humidity. 5S each time, then pause and test again. When soil humidity is not above its upper limit, it will repeat watering. When soil humidity is above or has reached upper limit, it will stop watering.

  6. When water is not enough, it will auto-water until the flowerpot is full.

  7. When watering time is longer than limit and flowerpot is not full, a buzzer will sound one minute with lack of water indicator lighting up. The buzzer then shuts off, the system enters into standby-mode requiring water to be added. When water has been added, the system will come out off standby-mode and function normally.

How to water?

  1. Pour water into basin body.

  2. When it is lacking water, the lamp will light up.

Product parameter

  • Size: 32.8*32.8*26cm

  • Weight: 1.74kg

  • Power: AC:220 50HZ, <3W

  • Water position control system, adding-water indicator.