Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)

Value Procurement Centre is your partner for sourcing your PCB production for any volume. 

We have Dutch engineers who understand your requirements and needs, this way we can make sure the right PCB production factory is selected.


Because we also have a local office in China, where most of the production facilites are, we can guide your product in production and we will only send it out after the product passes our final quality check.


To summarise our service and strength see below benefits;


  • local sales and technical representation in the Netherlands

  • An experienced team to understand the client’s business, demands and ability to bespoke solutions and provide optimal client satisfaction

  • Providing quality solutions

  • We aim to be at the top end of the market in terms of service

  • Providing a wide range of sourcing solutions to you as our ‘future’ customer

  • Control of the factory processes and production by our local office

  • Quality check on the final product by our own employees


 Rigid PCB Capability
Layers: 0--20layers
Max manufacturing size: 640mm*1100mm
Copper foil thickness: 0.5OZ-6OZ
Board thickness: Double sided: 0.4mm-6.0mm
4 layers: 0.4mm-6.0mm 6 layers: 0.8mm-6.0mm
8 layers: 1.0mm-6.0mm 10layers:1.2mm-6.0mm
12layers:1.5mm-6.0mm 14layers:1.5mm-6.0mm
16layers:1.6mm-6.0mm 18layers:2.2mm-6.0mm
Min line width/space: 3mil/3mil
Min finished holes size: 0.15mm
Aspect ratio: 12:1
Impedance control: +/-10%
Surface treatment: HASL;HASL with Pb free,Immersion Gold; Immersion Tin; Immersion Silver,Gold Finger; Flash Gold; OSP; ENEPIG;
Materials: FR4, Tg: 130℃/170℃,Shengyi, KB, ITEQ, Rogers,Arlon,Taconic, etc
Special technique: blind&buried holes, via in pad,Semi-plating holes,
countersinked holes,Step mounting holes, controlled depth holes,Edge-plating PCB and metal base PCB,Rigid-Flex PCB

 FPC Capability
Max manufacturing size:500mm*1000mm
Min finished board thickness: 0.062mm
Min laser drilled holes size: 0.1mm
Min Mechanical drilled hole size: 0.15mm
Min coverlay bridge: 0.1mm
Min solder mask opening: 0.2mm
Min coverlay opening: 0.35*0.35mm
Min line width/space: 0.05mm/0.05mm
Impedance control: +/-10%
Coverlay registration: 0.1mm
Materials: Shengyi, ITEQ, Taifle, etc.
Stiffener materials: FR4, PI, PET, Steel, Nylon.
Coverlay thickness: 12.5um/25um/50um
Surface treatment: ENIG, ENEPIG, OSP, Gold plating,

Gold plating+ENIG/ OPS, Immersion silver, Immersion Tin.

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